Winter 2018 Fishing Report

Southern Oregon is currently experiencing a very dry, warm winter. Stream flows around the region are low and clear. Luckily, we have had a few rainfall episodes that brought enough water into the streams to bring some winter steelhead in. 


While we aren’t using “winter tactics” necessarily we are still catching winter steelhead. For beginner steelhead fishermen, this is great. It allows us to use light sinking tips (I’m digging the new Airflo “FLO Tips”), smaller, lightly weighted flies, and easy wading opportunities. Think summer steelhead conditions in February. 

Photo Marcus Mattioli

For the more advanced, these low water conditions offer room for exploration and further advancement of your bag of tricks. Last week I broke out the 6 weight spey rod (Beulah’s 13’1″ Onyx spey), mid belly line (Beulah Arrowhead line), and the light tapered sinking tips (Airflo’s Polyleaders).

If you have always wanted to wet a line for winter steelhead but never have, now is the time. We aren’t fighting cold, wet, weather. We aren’t making the death wade in the high, off colored waters we are used to. Right now, the biggest environmental risk to your health is a sunburn. Dust off those wading boots, grab your favorite 6 or 7 weights, and come fish with me. And don’t forget your sunscreen and sunglasses.

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