Meet Stuart Warren

Photo Credit Marcus Mattioli

The Rogue River runs in my blood and has for 4 generations. Growing up in the Rogue Valley, I tantalized local fish in near by lakes and streams but rarely wet fly in the Rogue. When I was about 15, the Rogue was having a great year and my dad decided it would be a great time to give it a shot. I have been hooked ever since.

I attended college in the Seattle area allowing me to further my obsession. With weekend trips to the Olympic Peninsula nearly ending my relationship at the time, I found Spey flies and the reasons in which they were tied. Furthering my obsession, this is also where I witnessed my first two-handed caster.

After receiving my B.S. in Geology and Environmental Studies I returned to the Rogue Valley to find a newly opened, local fly shop looking for an obsessive fly fisherman. That was me. With access to some of the finest equipment and a number of amazing people to help mentor me, I entered into the world of fly fishing head first. Tying flies in my spare time between working behind the counter and fishing, I fell down the rabbit hole in the shape of Spey rods and lines. Guiding, getting out of the shop and into a full time position with local rod and reel manufacturers, all to support my habit on the water.

I currently sit on the City of Phoenix City Council and chair the Phoenix Urban Renewal Agency. 


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